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One of the best things you can do to protect yourself from an STD or unplanned pregnancy is to learn about what may put you at risk. Are you sex savvy? Prove it.

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If you have unprotected sex once, what is your risk of having an unplanned pregnancy?
The U.S. has the highest rate of unplanned pregnancies among all developed nations.
You can't get pregnant during your period.
Using a birth control method will guarantee that you will not have an unplanned pregnancy.
How can you tell if someone has an STD?
STD testing is a part of the annual exam at the clinician's office.
When should you get tested for an STD?
Which age group represents the majority of chlamydia cases in Hawaii?
What STD can you get vaccinated for?
Who is more at risk for STDs?
The term "sexually active" includes which of the following behaviors?
Hawaii has the lowest rate of condom use in the country.
It's okay to use a condom more than once.
Should you use a condom when you have anal sex?
Should you use a condom when you have vaginal sex?
Should you use a condom when you have oral sex?
What are the most effective forms of contraception?
You are safe if you use either a condom or a form of birth control when you have sex.