Everything you need to know to keep yourself safe

Violence & Abuse

If you are experiencing violence or abuse:

There are adults who can help you if you are in a situation where your safety is at risk, such as sexual, physical or emotional abuse. If you see a clinician, you should feel safe in telling them if you feel afraid or are experiencing violence at home, school, or in a relationship. The clinician will talk with you about what you’re experiencing and find the best kind of help for you. Keep in mind that if your safety is at risk, clinicians are required by law to report cases of abuse to the appropriate person. They will talk with you about this before any reports are filed. Not sure if your relationship is healthy? Our friends at Tap808 have a quiz to help you find out! Click here to see where your relationship lies.   If you are experiencing abuse, contact your clinician or any of the hotlines below. Sex Abuse Treatment Center Honolulu: 808-524-7273 http://satchawaii.com/ Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN): 1-800-656- HOPE (4673) https://www.rainn.org/
Other local helplines:
Big Island (Hilo): YWCA of Hawaii Island Sexual Assault Support Services: (808) 935-0677 http://ywcahawaiiisland.org/ Maui (Wailuku): Child and Family Services Maui Sexual Assault Center : 808-873-8624 Molokai: 808-213-5522 Lanai: 1-866-443-5702 https://www.childandfamilyservice.org/programs/msac/ Kauai (Lihue): Kauai YWCA Sexual Assault Treatment: 808-245-4144 (sexual assault) 808-245-6362 (domestic violence) http://ywcakauai.org/sexual-assault-treatment-program/ Want to find a clinician? Click here.