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Proper Condom Use


To learn how to properly use a condom, check out the Laci Green video above! Remember, along with your birth control method of choice, you should use condoms every time you have sex!


There are condoms for both males and females. The male condoms are thin tubes that roll down over the penis and protect against STDs. For females, the condom is bigger and looks like a larger, inside-out male condom and is inserted into the vagina. To be effective, both male and female condoms must be put on before any sexual activity and taken off immediately after sex. Never use the same condom twice. Condoms are highly effective at preventing the spread of STDs, but as birth control, male condoms are only 82% effective, and female condoms are only 79% effective. That’s why it’s essential that you use one of the effective birth control methods described above to prevent unplanned pregnancy while your condom protects you from STDs.

If using a condom, here are things that you should know:
    • NEVER USE TWO CONDOMS AT THE SAME TIME. It doesn’t matter if it’s two male condoms or a female and a male condom. The two condoms will rub together and be more likely to break.
    • CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE ON THE PACKAGING. Yes, condoms expire! They do not last forever and expired condoms are more likely to tear or break during sex. Don’t use them past the expiration date.
    • DO NOT USE A CONDOM PACKET THAT LOOKS SQUASHED, OLD, OR FADED, especially if it has been in your wallet or purse for a while. The condom could be damaged. Throw it away and get a new one.
    • DO NOT USE OIL BASED PRODUCTS WITH LATEX CONDOMS- body lotions, moisturizer, massage oil, body oil, lipstick or any other oil-based product. The oil from these products reacts with the latex, causing the condom to split.
    • USE A CONDOM EVERY TIME YOU HAVE SEX TO PREVENT STDs– this includes oral sex. Condoms will protect your genitals and your mouth and throat from STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. Try using flavored condoms for variety.
    • USE A CONDOM THAT FITS AND IS COMFORTABLE. There are different sizes available. Finding the right fit will make sex more enjoyable.
    • KEEP CONDOMS IN CONVENIENT PLACES where sex might happen or have condoms with you at all times. That way you’ll always be prepared.
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