Everything you need to know to keep yourself safe

Using Sex Toys

Whether you are using a sex toy alone or sharing it with a partner, follow these tips to stay safe!
  1. Protection – Putting a condom on a sex toy may seem like a silly thing, but it can actually make things a lot easier for you and someone you may share it with. Each person whose body comes into contact with the toy should use their own condom because while it’s fun to share toys, it’s not so fun to share STD/STIs. You and your partners should get tested for STIs before you engage in any sexual activity together, including using sex toys.
  2. Switching – While sex toys can be great for both vaginal or anal stimulation, using one set of toys exclusively for vaginal stimulation and one set exclusively for anal stimulation is best. If you’re going to use one toy for both you’ll want to do it in the safest way. Do not switch back and forth between a vagina and an anus without changing the condom or thoroughly cleaning the toy. You don’t want bacteria from an anus to be hanging out in the vagina or close to the urethra (the opening to the bladder where urine comes out) where it can cause an infection.
  3. Sharing – If you have multiple sexual partners, you should be extra careful with your toys. When possible, only use one set of toys with each partner. If you’re going to use the same toys with multiple partners, you should clean your toys thoroughly between partners to prevent transmitting sexually transmitted infections between your partners.
  4. Cleaning – It is important to clean your toy every time! Follow the cleaning instructions specific to your toy to ensure that it is safe and ready for its next use. If you follow Tip 1 and use a condom, cleaning your toy can be much easier because you won’t have to worry about killing potential sexually transmitted bugs.